Gluten Free Artisan Bread Range

Published on January 21, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Over the last few years we have received numerous requests for a wholegrain, higher fiber content, non-white, bread mix, and for bread mixes which provide a range of different colors, flavors and textures: to produce an extended and more gourmet or artisan range of gluten free bread products to expand your dietary and entertaining options. A project we have more than successfully taken to heart: involving an intense 18 months of Research and Development work as we tried different grains and varied their ratios, determined the required moisture levels, perfected technique, trialed them for flavor and positive or adverse flavor development over time, texture, crust quality, keeping quality, consistency of performance, had domestic and commercial bakers trial them, rejecting the less successful, developing and refining those with more potential. Experimenting with and using different gluten free “grains” including buckwheat, chickpea, hemp, quinoa, rice flour/black, rice flour/brown and Teff flours to develop these products and find the correct usage levels for the proposed added grains.

Also using turmeric and ginger with black pepper and bush tucker herbs to provide additional colors, flavors and bread varieties. In keeping with our food philosophy, we have deliberately avoided the use of garlic and onion for fructose, FODMAP, body and breath odor reasons.

 These products are all nut, egg, dairy and animal product free. We have also developed a paleo product, based upon tapioca starch and coconut flour, which is totally free of grains like maize and rice. All these products evolving from and maintaining the user friendliness and moldable, self-supporting  dough characteristics of our traditional, yeast raised, gluten free, bread premix. A process which has also subtly enhanced the traditional bread mix.

The response to the above products also spurring us to investigate and develop a range of gourmet pizza bases and to contemplate potential pasta and pastry applications for the different color and flavor profiles. We hope you will share our enthusiasm for and enjoy these new bread  products which we will launch commercially in February 2019, as both retail and food service products, with a second part of the range to be offered further down the track.

They say variety is the spice of life!