Seasoned Popcorn

Method: Stovetop or Popcorn maker

Ingredients – Variation 1 Crunchy


  1. Heat a popcorn maker or large pot, add popping kernels and cook popcorn fresh.
  2. Tip fresh popcorn into a large container (an F.G. Roberts container with lid is great!).
  3. To warm popcorn, add olive oil, the Soy Powdered Milk, Vege Salt and ground paprika.
  4. Secure lid onto the container and shake the popcorn and seasoning up well until combined.
  5. Once all shaken up, you can remove the lid and munch on your fresh popcorn.


Use the base ingredients of F.G. Roberts Soy Powdered Milk, F.G. Roberts Vege Salt and olive oil, then come up with some delicious tasty combos using your favourite flavours, eg. add herbs, spices, sweet or salty flavours. Enjoy!